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Vintage bulb in high quality

Vintage bulbs and filament light bulbs hold endless decorative possibilities for the creative lighting designer. Danlamp cooperates with a number of respected architects and artists in the creation of beautiful and stylish manifestations of the warm and soft glow of the incandescent vintage bulb.

Danlamp develops decorative vintage bulbs in cooperation with our customers. These lamps function as unique Aesthetic Lighting objects and add mood and atmosphere. The Edison bulbs are great examples.



Traffic lightning must be visible at a distance in all weather conditions. This requires high luminous intensity, high colour temperature and very long service life.

Incandescent lamps meet these demands and have been used in traffic signals for more than 80 years. On top of this incandescent lamps are cheaper in purchase and easy to change. Last but not least the light bulb gives off heat and thereby prevents snow piles and dew on the traffic lamps. The light bulb is the safe choice.


Danlamp is a leading supplier of signal lamps for the shipping industry and delivers Navigation lamps for all vessel types – both commercial vessels and pleasure boats.

Danlamp’s SM®-navigation lamp is known and respected all over the world. The high quality light bulbs, found behind the green and red glass of ship lanterns, are very robust and have a precise luminous intensity. These characteristics make them extremely suitable for the changing and often rough weather conditions at sea and by the coast lines.